About Us​

MoonToys product are 100% Natural & Eco-friendly.​

Moontoys are open ended toys that encourage child’s creativity, imagination, and curiosity. Each toy has multiple ways of use, which will spark an amazing range of imaginative play. Moontoys are a unique combination of real-world toys and imagination.

Our toys foster hours of play that encourages your child’s healthy brain development by keeping them away from screen time for hours! helping bring kids back to nature.

girl playing with natural wooden balancing board

Play is the best way to learn

100% Natural and Eco-friendly Toys

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the highest quality products that truly benefit and support kids' development. Empowering kids to reach their highest potential by bringing creativity, discovery and play back into their lives.

Our Vision

We believe in toys that offer a natural play experience; that encourage children to develop skills in maths, logic and creativity; and above all, to play with balance. For today's tech-obsessed, commercialized kids, we are trying to built a toy that help kids to get away from screens and engage them with their passions: to imagine, create, and play.