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Natural wooden shape toys is a classic toy that develops hand-eye coordination, spatial skills, ability to estimate how much space there is in different shapes and sizes, fine motor skills and size perception.

These natural wooden stacker toys are designed to encourage the development of dexterity, logic and reasoning skills, as well as develop a child’s sensory awareness. They’re made from first-grade wood, smooth edges and strong enough to withstand temper tantrums. Each toy is unique with no details and simple design allows your children to transform them into anything using their imagination and creativity.

Our natural wooden shape toys are handmade by local artisans. Because wood is a natural material, variations in color, texture and grain are to be expected. We make sustainable toys and embrace the unique variations that appear due to the structure of each tree and many different environmental factors. Here are some key points about the shapes you can expect to find in rainbow wooden stacker toys:

Basic Geometric Shapes: Wooden stacker toys typically include arches or semi-circles in different sizes and colors. The arches are perfect for introducing basic geometric shapes to young children, such as circles and semicircles.

Nesting and Stacking: One of the unique features of shape stacker toys is the ability to nest or stack the arches. Each arch is designed with a slightly different size, allowing them to fit inside one another like nesting dolls. This feature helps children learn spatial awareness, size comparison, and stacking skills.

Open-Ended Play: While shape stacker toys have a specific purpose, they also offer opportunities for open-ended play. Children can explore different ways to arrange and balance the arches, creating various structures, patterns, or even abstract designs. This encourages creativity, problem-solving, and imaginative play.

Shape Recognition: As children play with the wooden stacker toys, they naturally develop shape recognition skills. They can identify and match the different shapes of the arches, enhancing their cognitive abilities and visual perception.

Overall, wooden shape toys with different shapes provide a multi-dimensional learning experience for children. They promote shape recognition, spatial skills, creativity, and sensory exploration. These toys are not only entertaining but also serve as valuable tools to enhance a child’s development.

Recommended Age : 1 year+

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