Wooden Memory Game Toys

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Our wooden educational toys are made of top-quality solid wood with a glossy finish that better protects your...

Features Highlights

  • Educational toys
  • Natural and Handcrafted
  • Imaginative Play
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Easy to play
  • Durability
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  • Wooden Memory Game Toys

    Wooden Memory Game Toys

    Rs. 499.00 Rs. 349.00

    Wooden Memory Game Toys

    Rs. 499.00 Rs. 349.00

    Our wooden educational toys are made of top-quality solid wood with a glossy finish that better protects your child’s hands. The size is ideal to hold in their little palm without tearing, fraying, or bending. This is a great educational toy to help kids learn new species while working on their memory as well.

    Features of Wooden Memory Game:

    Our wooden memory game is a perfect choice for toddlers. The thick wooden cards nicely fit the children’s hands. Kids love looking for pairs with illustrations of various objects.

    The wooden educational toys are built to last and can be used by many generations to come. They are water and tear-resistant. Kids can experiment and play freely with it without worries about getting it damaged. The long-lasting and high-quality build with designs will make your child ask for more playtime.

    The set has been made from natural materials to minimize carbon footprint. Also, it is a perfect gift for birthday parties or fun get-togethers. Parents will love to watch their children improve their vocabulary.

    The backyard, garden, balcony, beach, or picnic are all wonderful places to enjoy the memory game and have fun.

    Advantages of Wooden Educational Toys Or Memory Game:

    Improves Memory and Concentration: Our wooden memory game is designed especially for children’s preschool education, which improves children’s matching skills and cognitive ability and enhances children’s memory.

    Educational and Sustainable: This matching wooden memory game provides a great single-player opportunity for your preschooler and is great for adults who wish to join in the fun. From simply telling what’s on the picture to who can find more of the right content, there are several ways to play. Also, greatly improves verbal skills.

    Develops Critical Skills: The wooden educational toys set are designed for kids and inspired by Montessori educational principles. All the cards are perfectly circled and made with natural wood. Kids learn and play with this game, which is wonderful for cognitive thinking, concentration, and training memory.

    Portable: The toy set is easy to carry and suitable to take everywhere and the first choice for birthdays, Christmas, easter, or Children’s Day.

    Our wooden memory game has been made in a way that is attractive for children, gentle to nature, and yet durable and sturdy for daily play. Watch your kid develop and improve with every new round!

    Under Parental Guidance
    Material :  Wood
    Dimension (L x W x H) : 13.0 cm x 13.0 cm x 0.6 cm
    Weight : 128 g
    Color : Certified non-toxic color
    Recommended Age : 3 year+

  • Sensory wooden toys like tic-tac-toe games with different themes help kids explore with their senses like touch, sight and sound.
  • Playing with these toys helps children learn and understand things like solving puzzles and making decisions.
  • Kids can use their imagination and make up stories while playing with sensory wooden toys, which is fun and allows to explore their creativity.
  • These toys can also help kids feel calm and relaxed because they're soothing to play with, which can help reduce any stress or worry they might have.
  • These toys can also keep kids entertained for a long time and away from screens because they are fun to play with.
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    Highly recommended toys

    Memory Game Toys are a great option for children who love to learn and play in a safe and creative way. Highly recommended for hours of fun and development.

    Non-toxic materials

    The size is perfect for little hands to hold without worrying about tearing or bending. The handcrafted, non-toxic materials provide peace of mind for parents.

    Game toys

    The Memory Game Toys are a fantastic addition to any child's toy collection. Not only are they educational, promoting memory and cognitive skills, but they also encourage imaginative play.

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