Wooden Teething Toys – Elephant + Whale + Camera

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Rs. 450.00
Rs. 350.00
Let’s face the fact, parenting is hard, and you always wish the best for your little one. We...

Features Highlights

  • Teething pain relief
  • Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal
  • Motor skills
  • Premium Material
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    Wooden Teething Toys – Elephant + Whale + Camera

    Wooden Teething Toys – Elephant + Whale + Camera

    Rs. 450.00 Rs. 350.00

    Wooden Teething Toys – Elephant + Whale + Camera

    Rs. 450.00 Rs. 350.00

    Let’s face the fact, parenting is hard, and you always wish the best for your little one. We understand how stressful it can be to provide your baby with a chemical-free item with utmost precautions. We at, Moontoys give you quite an amazing choice of attractive wooden teething toys with a combination of Elephant +Whale +Camera. To keep away clothed material or silicon, mothers have shifted options to Woods, the natural handmade product of toys for fulfilling their baby’s curiosity. The wood we use in our teethers is made up of natural woods such as neem and beach. Safety being paramount, we ensure that wooden teether have no small parts or sharp edges with non-toxic inks. The items have been designed with a pure purpose in mind and are filled with personality, and are safe for the health of your kids.

    Nature-inspired teething

    This Elephant +Whale +Camera combo wooden teething toys set are a perfect choice for parents in search of a reliable and safe teething solution for their little bundle of joy. The toys feature adorable, high-quality, smooth wood designs that are gentle for your baby’s gums. It provides varied stimulation for the developing teeth of your baby and helps relieve the discomfort during teething. The wooden teether set is easy to maintain and clean, making it a convenient and practical option for busy parents.

    What will your children learn?

    • Fine Motor Skills:Enhance fine motor skills and improve grasp reflex by trying to reach and hold the teethers
    • Sensory Development:Sharpens and develops the sense of hearing with response to sounds. Observing patterns, shapes, and colors improves vision. Tactile stimulation boosts the sense of touch.
    • Gross motor skills: When babies will try to reach for the wooden teething toys either by trying to crawl or by extending their arms, they will develop gross motor skills
    • Curiosity: The patterns of these Whale, Elephant, and Camera toys will engage your baby and invoke curiosity and attention

    What makes us special:

    • Lightweight and compact, perfect for your child’s on-the-go use
    • Helps soothe the sore gums of the baby during teething
    • Eco-friendly, safe, and with natural anti-bacterial properties

    We look forward to connecting with you and have been working to bring you fresh designs and ideas for your family.

  • Wooden teethers are made from organic neem wood and offer properties like antibacterial and keep the mouths of kids germ-free and healthy.
  • They are free from harmful chemicals and ensure a safe and non-toxic chewing experience for infants.
  • The natural hardness of wood provides soothing relief to teething babies while being durable enough to withstand vigorous chewing.
  • Wooden teethers are easy to maintain and can be easily cleaned and sanitized – a hygienic teething solution for babies.
  • These wooden teethers offer more than simply relief for teething, they are versatile and can be alternatively used as handheld toys by babies.
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